Hello. We are Icebrg.
We make websites.
About Us.
Co-op to Development Team.
icebrg.us is a team of students, initially created in 2011 as a server renting cooperative. In time, the server became host to various experiments and projects. Today, icebrg.us comprises a small game server, forums, and a development team that has kicked off its joint efforts in web development with the Emphasis Tag Cloud Generator, available on CodeCanyon. Later in 2011, two icebrg.us team members would go on to win the San Ramon's Student Recognition Project award in Web Development.
The Server.
Minecraft at its best.
The icebrg.us Minecraft server has been around since December of 2010. In 2011, we merged with a creative server run by one of our admins. The server is currently undergoing restructuring.